CircleX Experts Shine in Holistic Wellness Domains

Corporate Leaders & HR professionals require to adopt a holistic approach to wellness. This means looking at building a wellness program that addresses the different components like physical, emotional, mental, social well-being of employees. It also includes creating a creative, collaborative culture where different stakeholders like team members, managers, and leaders are on-board and invested in employee wellness. 

Let’s discuss and unpacks critical insights into co-creating and crafting a universal holistic well-being program for all levels. The discussion will help create a road map for corporate leaders, L&D professionals, HR teams and offer them a authentic Holistic Well-Being Toolkit to craft a holistic wellness program. It will explore the role of digital tools in enabling program implementer / facilitators and provide ways to involve senior leaders in order to better and holistically address the employee physical, emotional, social and mental health concerns. 

Some important Aspects and Critical Questions for exploration are:

  1. What should be the road map for leaders to make their well-being programs holistic?
  2. How can different stakeholders be brought together to create larger ownership in designing and implementing well-being program objectives?
  3. What is the role of senior leaders in creating a holistic wellness agenda for their organisation?
  4. How can digital tools and technology be successfully embedded into well-being programs to offer real-time and personalized employee wellness?
  5. What are the challenges of implementing a holistic well-being framework as a corporate strategy?

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