New Normal in The Making: Post-Covid Rules WfH

Over the last two years, companies have had the opportunity to reThink and reView at their employee’s personal growth and professional development strategies – to optimize their strategies for remote work, the evolving hybrid world of work and emerging challenges of emotional/mental health.

With a new normal Work from Home (WfH) work culture, it’s the great time to audit some of your best human resource development practices to ensure that your employees are benefiting from the learning and development (L&D) resources that are available to them.

The experts and researchers are working exclusively to reflect about what are some of the latest trends that are shaping holistic well-being and L&D strategies, the key learning from the work from home experiment and what to expect in the upcoming months.

Here’s what we’ll need to focus and implement for our organisation’s continuous growth:

  • What are the most pressing challenges that employees have faced in implementing WfH strategies?
  • How should you audit your well-being strategy and what are steps you need to take to refresh it to include new solutions?
  • What are some of the top trends across lifelong learning aspect of L&D, Life Coaching and Happiness Coaching processes and its benefits?
  • What are the most essential and beneficial emotional, social, physical and mental health initiatives? And how are they being transformed with the onset of a hybrid world of work/life?

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