Health, Happiness & Harmony Collective

Holistic Well-Being Summit 2022 preparations kicks off at New Delhi & NCR across its Corporate & Academic campuses, bringing opportunities for communities especially the working professionals, students, faculty, staff, and parents to participate in holistic well-being covering positive health, emotional wellness and mental health activities. There are many events, workshops, sessions, thought sharing and product displays to choose from happening from 8th October – 10th October 2022

Gopi Krishan, the Source and Chief Happiness Catalyst and spiritual advisor for mindfulness and well-being at the CircleX | Centre of Excellence for Holistic WellBeing in Life & Work, spoke to ACE Exhibitions CEO Anupreet Singh and News agencies about the main focus for Holistic Well-Being & Mental Wellness Summit and what NW@LW hopes to offer people looking to take part in the program’s resources. 

“The main idea is to highlight the co-creation of emotional, mental and social wellness – holistic well-being resources on campus,” he says. “But also, to give common citizens across the national network opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to live a balanced and fulfilling life.”

The ACE Alliance will offer in-person and virtual events that include yoga, meditation, social wellness, valued-based workshops for emotional/mental wellness, and spiritual evolution advising that highlight the importance of self-care, self-awareness and self-development.

“We take wellness more holistically than just mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually,” in a silo, Rajpal says. “We combined all of that.”

This week’s events are led by and organized in conjunction with Wellness and Well-Being Experts, Companies and L&D (Academic) Partners and Sponsors along with CSR / Community support from conscious Corporate Houses and Civil Service Organizations.