Services For Schools


We provide psycho educational cognitive, social, emotional, behavioural and personality assesment programs for

  • Student behaviour.
  • Child, preteens and teens developmental (Cognitive, emotional and social) stages and problems.
  • Intelligence, Aptitude, Achievement, difficulties in learning, memory, attention.
  • Child education.
  • Screening and assessment for learning disability.


Well-Being Services offer a group, career, personal concerns and crisis counseling to students, parents, and teachers.


WellBeing Program

A complete mental health program for School

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For student

  • Life skill / soft skill programs.
  • Personality development.
  • Career and guidance programs.
  • Group/ Individual counseling programs.
  • Remedial Program for special. Education(Learning Disability).
  • Positive discplining methods.

For Parents

  • Programs for parenting
  • Group/ Individual counseling programs

For Teachers

  • Life skill / soft skill programs
  • Personality development
  • Group counseling programs
  • Positive discplining methods.

General Programs

  • Relationship programs (Teacher- Student)
  • Relationship programs (Parent-Child)
  • Community development programs
  • Mind body lab

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